Month: September 2016

Youth Voices from Charlotte: Part 1

charlotte-riotMany of us have been praying for and thinking about our sisters and brothers in Charlotte, NC over the last several days.  We at Youth Mission Co asked some of our young people from Charlotte to give us their perspective on the situation there– their thoughts, feelings, hopes, concerns, and prayers.

Here is a statement from several youth at Trinity Presbyterian Church of Charlotte.

It has been a sad and frightening week in Charlotte. The events in the national news were happening just a few miles from our homes, and that was pretty scary. Responses to this tragic event have even been taking place in our schools. The violence that we witnessed was very upsetting. We are worried that others will think our hometown of Charlotte is a violent and bad place, but that does not reflect the city we have grown up in. Charlotte is a good place with nice people. Moving forward, we hope that people will choose to protest peacefully and that the rioting is over. Rioting and violence does not help solve the problems that exist. As Christians, we are committed to having open minds to other people and their opinions. The Bible tells us to love unconditionally, and we strive to respect everyone and be peacemakers as Charlotte and the nation heal.
By: Jimmy Click, Molly Click, Marshall Coley, William Coley, Dean Gutnecht, Graham Gutnecht, David Hood, John Hood, and Hank Smith
If you are a youth from the Charlotte area and you would like to share your perspective with us, let us know!  This can be in the form of a statement like this one, or a poem, a song, some visual art, or something else you are inspired to create.  We continue to pray for the city of Charlotte, its leaders, and its people.  May God keep guiding us as we work for justice and peace in our community, nation, and world.