Month: March 2017

Summer 2017 will be a Season of “Creating Space”

This summer, and for the following school year, we will be exploring the theme, “Creating Space.”  It’s a theme that we think will be very relevant to youth, to their experience here at Youth Mission Co, and the world.

The “spaces” we will be creating will be varied–  sometimes physical, sometimes literal.  We will look at the spaces that are provided by our numerous agency and ministry partners.  For whom (and with whom) are these spaces intended?  What are the values and norms of these spaces?  Why are these spaces even necessary?  We will look at spaces in our program location communities of Asheville, NC, Raleigh, NC, and Memphis, TN, including some that are contentious spaces.  Is everyone allowed in these spaces or are they only for a particular kind of people?

We will ask young people to consider what “space” they have set aside in their lives for discernment.  Where do you go when you need community, or guidance, or comfort?  Where are the spaces in which you know that you belong?  What are the spaces that God is calling you to enter, or even to create?

Then we will talk with young people about their home communities.  What spaces are available for those who are in need of basic necessities?  What spaces do our churches offer, and for whom (and with whom) are they created?  What is God calling you to do in your home community, through your home church, to create space for all God’s children?

We are so excited about this theme!  We can’t wait to dive into it with a great team of summer interns, and hundreds of youth from around the country!!