2019 Internship Reference Form

Thank you for completing the Reference Form located at the bottom of this page for an Intern Applicant for our summer program!  As you complete the form, should you find that you need additional time and would like to save and return to the form at a later time, please scroll to the bottom and click “save and continue”.  You will be provided with a link to return to your form.  

YMCo hosts hundreds of youth from dozens of churches and from around the country, leading them in Christian service among those experiencing poverty and homelessness.  Most of these youth come during our busy summer season and work with us to contribute thousands of service hours in Asheville, NC, Raleigh, NC, and Memphis, TN.

Internship Overview

A YMCo Summer Internship will be an in-depth experience focused on youth ministry, community outreach, leadership of youth and their adult advisors, teaching in a ministry setting, and helping youth explore their faith through the arts.

Interns do a large variety of tasks including:

  • organizing large groups of youth and their adults to work at service sites
  • leading these same groups in Bible study, theological reflection, worship, recreation, and art exploration 
  • scrubbing floors, cleaning toilets, and stocking supplies
  • getting to know 12-15 different service sites and their staff

Their weeks will be busy and long (like working at an overnight camp for a summer), but they will also be filled with fun, creativity, times of rest, good friends, and lots of learning.

The Intern Experience

Our Executive Director and Mission Immersion Directors will lead interns in intentional reflection about their sense of call, their experience at service sites, and how this experience is shaping, challenging, and affirming them as a teacher and leader.

Characteristics Needed in a Youth Mission Co Intern

We are looking for interns who:

  • will take initiative and lead
  • are fast learners
  • are self-defined and approach life with confidence
  • love youth
  • have lots of energy
  • aren’t above doing things like cleaning and working outside
  • either like arts/crafts in ministry or at least aren’t afraid of them
  • are good organizers
  • are open to coaching and are good listeners
  • value working with other leaders in a team
  • want to explore their calling in life


  • Leading groups of youth (and their adult advisors) on mission experiences at local help agencies.
  • Leading orientation sessions, debriefing/Bible Study programs, recreation, and worship services with groups.
  • Supporting the daily living needs of youth groups, including cleaning of their living spaces, shopping for and stocking their groceries, managing the groups’ check-in/check-out/daily procedures, etc.
  • Planning and teaching recreation events that will be led by our groups for day camps with children at risk, providing hospitality for people experiencing homelessness.

Typical Day

8:00am Staff Daily Huddle 

8:30am Devotions with Groups

8:45am Depart for Sites

Noon Lunch with Groups

1:00pm Work with groups at Sites

3:30pm Drop off groups

6:00pm Eat dinner with the group 

7:00pm Program (Bible Study, recreation, etc.)

9:00pm Staff leaves for day

2019 Internship Reference Form

Reference Form for 2019 Intern Candidates
  • Reference Information

  • Overview of Internship

    Please answer the following questions, based on what you know of the applicant and considering the information provided about the internship. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bill Buchanan 828 231-4634 or [email protected]