Martha asks, “What are we going to do about it?”

Martha is a 6th grader in Asheville, NC who goes to Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church.  Among the many things that Martha enjoys, she is a performance poet.  She wrote a poem recently about seeing one of our neighbors in Asheville who is living without housing.  It’s powerful.  In fact, it’s so powerful that we made a video recording of it so we could share it with you.

Martha’s poem video

Here is the text of the poem:  We All Have That Moment

In the poem she brings up some important points.  She asks, “Why has humanity gotten to this?”  She talks about how we tend to flee from such thoughts and sights, but in the end we can’t really avoid the issue of homelessness.  She ends her poem by asking “That man doesn’t go back to his house.  So what am I going to do about it?”.

In addition to the video, we have made a study guide that has some questions.  We invite you to take Martha’s lead, spend some time to reflecting on homelessness in your own community, and create a plan concerning what you are going to do about it.

We All Have That Moment- Study Guide

And if you want to hear more from Martha, check out this video of an interview we did with her!

Interview with Martha

Are you a youth who is doing something to make a difference in your community?  Do you or your youth group have a mission project you are working on in your town?  Do you have some social justice related art that you want to share?

Tell us about it!

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