Mission Our Worship Part 6: What Do You Have to Offer?

Welcome to Part 6 of our blog series, Mission Our Worship.  We are looking at the different parts of worship and considering how we can engage in related acts of mission.

In our last post we discussed that after hearing God’s Word read and proclaimed, we are inspired to stand up and say what we believe.  That’s more than some litany read aloud by a congregation once a week– it’s a call for our whole lives.  Whenever we see injustice or strive in the context of our world, we are called to speak out based on our faith and our convictions.

Today we look at the part of worship known as the “offering.”  No matter what flavor of Christian you might be, this is a part of worship we definitely all hold in common.  (Perhaps because collecting an offering is a major way that churches stay open!)  In the earliest times of our faith (like, Old Testament early) worshippers brought whatever they had to give as an offering.  If they were farmers, they brought their produce.  If they were shepherds, they brought some of their sheep to offer up to God.  Even today in our worship services people bring not only their money, but also their talents. If they are musical, they might offer a song in worship.  If they are an artists, perhaps their art might be utilized to enhance the service and point to God.

Engaging in mission is all about worshiping God through our actions towards others.  It is about loving our neighbors.  So, what do you have to offer…. to God, and to your neighbors?  If you are musical, who needs to hear that song, not just in worship, but in the world?  If you are academically gifted, who can be helped, and benefit from your intelligence?  Are you a good friend?  Who needs a friend right now?  Are you a good writer?  What needs to be said, and to whom?

Don’t worry if it’s not perfect.  God doesn’t expect perfect… just faithful.

Next up:  The Prayers of the People.  Stay tuned!!

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